Payment Options

What Payment Options does Used DVD Empire offer?
Used DVD Empire offers our customers two Payment Options when selling their Used Products to us and the ability to select either option for each Order you complete with Used DVD Empire. Although once an Order is completed, you cannot edit your Payment method for that Order.

If you want CASH, then select Empire Direct Deposits. If you want to shop our sites with your profits, select an Empire Account Credit. Note: We do not issue check payments.

Empire Direct Deposits:
Empire Direct Deposits utilize the Automated Clearing House system to electronically transfer a payment from our Company into your Checking or Savings account. Most customers enjoy the increased reliability and security when using Empire Direct Deposits and find it more convenient as well.

  • Empire Direct Deposits are FREE!!! There is no charge to enroll.
  • Empire Direct Deposits use the same safeguards and security measures that Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. government use to transmit money each and every day.
  • Empire Direct Deposits eliminate lost, stolen or damaged checks.
  • Empire Direct Deposits can only be deposited into ONE account. You cannot have your used payment deposited into multiple accounts.
  • Empire Direct Deposits are processed every other week, so there may be a short delay before receiving your Payment.
  • Empire Direct Deposit information may only be entered/edited by the Customer online for your security.

Empire Account Credits:
Empire Account Credits offer you the chance to quickly and easily sell your used items back to us for a credit toward the purchase of products from any of our Empire sites.
  • You will earn a 5% bonus toward your next Empire purchase on any of our sites when you select an Empire Account Credit.
  • The 5% bonus is calculated from the value of each of your Accepted Returns.
  • Empire Account Credits are a quick and easy way to turn your unwanted items into new DVDs & Blu-rays.
  • Click Here for more information about redeeming an Empire Account Credit on any of our sites.
If you still have questions, Email them to Please allow up to 2 business days for a reply.