Empire Account Credits

Empire Account Credits can be redeemed on any of our Empire Sites:
  • DVDEmpire.com
  • AdultDVDEmpire.com
  • GayDVDEmpire.com
  • Adult Empire

  • Important Information:
    • Empire Account Credits do not expire and will remain on your Empire Account until applied to an Order.
    • You may choose to apply your Credit to an Order at Checkout or while waiting for your Order to process.
    • If your Order total is more than your Account Credit, you may use the credit, but you will need to pay the balance with a Credit Card or Check/Money Order before your Order will process.
    • Click Here to view your Empire Account Credit balance.
    How to Use an Empire Account Credit:
    1. Place your Empire Order as you normally would on any of our retail sites (UsedDVDEmpire does not sell merchandise).
    2. On the Checkout page review your Order details.
    3. Scroll down to the Total for the Order.
    4. If you have an Account Credit, your Credit Balance will be displayed along with a check box to add/remove the credit from the Order.
    5. The box will be pre-checked and your Order Total will reflect your Account Credit.
    6. If you do not want to add the Credit to your Order, click the check box to remove the check and the page will refresh with your new Order Total.
    7. Once finished, click the 'Send Order' button.